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Working with your eShopCONNECTED store

Publish inventory to your eShopCONNECTED store

eShopCONNECTED can publish your inventory items to certain store solutions (currently, ASPDotNetStorefront, eBay, Magento and Shop.com) provided you have activated the appropriate eShopCONNECTOR. After eShopCONNECTED is installed, it adds an additional eShopCONNECTED tab on the Inventory Item form of Connected Business. This tab contains separate tabs for each supported store. As each supported store has different requirements and settings, please see the relevant sub topic for details of how to publish your items in Connected Business to your store.

a. Publish inventory to your Amazon store
b. Publish inventory to your ASPDotNetStorefront store
c. Publish inventory to your Channel Advisor store
d. Publish inventory to your eBay store
e. Publish inventory to your Magento store
f. Publish inventory to your Shop.com store

Working with your eShopCONNECTED store

Once you have activated and configured the eShopCONNECTOR for your store, the eShopCONNECTED processes requires minimal user intervention. The eShopCONNECTED Windows Service will poll the store API at regular intervals and any orders received will be imported into Connected Business.

a. Working with your 3DCart store
b. Working with your Amazon Store
c. Working with your ASPDotNetStorefront Store
d. Working with your Channel Advisor store
e. Working with your eBay store
f. Working with your Magento store
g. Working with your Sears.com Store
h. Working with your Shop.com Store
i. Working with your Volusion Store

Working with eShopCONNECTED Generic Import

The File Import eShopCONNECTOR provides the ability to import Orders etc. from files rather than via the standard eShopCONNECT web based XML import.

Working with the eShopCONNECTED Generic Import

Working with eShopCONNECTED XML File Import

The eShopCONNECTED Generic Import is configured to accept web based XML import rather than the file based import that the Order Importer provides, but an eShopCONNECTOR is available for eShopCONNECTED that will enable a file-based XML import function.

Check order status
eShopCONNECTED web import test
Import orders using the XML Import Source
Import your store inventory into the Connected Business app

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