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Using the Launchpad

The Launchpad makes it easy to access and run the Connected Business products and services.

  • The Launchpad URL, user account, and password are sent via email upon purchase or verification of your application for a free version.
  • From your support email, look for the Launchpad URL to open the Launchpad.
  • You may log in with your Connected Business user account and password.

Launch the Connected Business Core app

Use the Connected Business launcher to run the Connected Business Core App.

a. Download and Install (Windows only)
b. Run on a browser

Manage your website or blog

Use the eCommerce menu to manage your website or blog.

a. Manage your website
b. View your website
c. Manage your blog page
d. View your blog or create new entries

Open the the POS touchscreen interface

Use the Point-of-Sale launcher to open the POS touchscreen interface on a desktop or kiosk. Note: You can download the iOS app for your iPad for free.

a. Launch the POS touchscreen interface

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