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Supplier Essentials

The Supplier Module is where all the supplier, purchases and expense processes are managed by the people on the purchasing or operations team. Purchases can be automated depending on the sales trend or reorder points. Debt control tools are available to keep your payables in check.


  • Supplier Class Template - A list of default values for new suppliers e.g. payment method, currency etc.
  • Supplier GL Class Template - A list of default account codes for posting transactions.
  • Requisition - A request for a list of items from the supplier. Usually followed by a purchase order.
  • Debit Memo - An outstanding amount owed by the supplier to you. This amount can either be for an overpayment or returned items.
  • Supplier Return - Goods returned to suppliers.
  • Supplier Receipt - Refunds made fo overpaayment or returns to suppliers.
  • Goods Received - Goods received from suppliers.
  • Bill - Also referred to as supplier invoice.
  • Payment Run - A process that creates multiple payments to suppliers.


With the Supplier Management tools of the Supplier Module, you can:

  • Create or import supplier records. Use class templates to fill in default information for new suppliers with common attributes e.g. supplier who accepts check payments.
  • Set up list of supplier products and add supplier-specific item code and description that would show on the purchase order for the supplier.
  • Access CRM tools to create notes, email, activity and documents per supplier contact.
  • Full transaction history with document drill down.

With the Purchase Processing tools of the Supplier Module, you can:

  • Get authorization to purchase items.
  • Automate purchase orders based on sales trend or reorder points. Plan requirements properly by adding lead time and reorder point information.
  • Set up and process recurring purchase orders.
  • Process special order POs and dropship POs for customers.
  • Process priority orders.
  • Receive goods in full or in parts. Update purchase order quantities with the quantity of goods received or leave the original quantity in the PO.
  • Update item costs on POs based on current cost from supplier receipts.
  • Post goods received and update inventory stocks.
  • Consolidate suppliers invoices into one bill document. Original information on item lines like source PO document and costs will be kept.
  • Create bills for services and various operating expenses.

With the Payment Processing tools of the Supplier Module you can:

  • Pay suppliers individually or in a batch.
  • Apply supplier credits to unpaid bills before making a payment.

With the Returns and Refunds Processing tools of the Supplier Module, you can:

  • Process suppliers returns
  • Process and deposit supplier refunds for overpayment or returns.

With the Report tools of the Supplier Module, you can:

  • View transaction report such as purchase day books, net purchases, aged debt analysis etc
  • Create custom criteria for the reports to generate.
  • Print reports, send via email or fax or save as a PDF file.

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