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Shipping Module Essentials

If you have a merchant shipping account for UPS, Fedex or USPS, the Shipping Module is where you will set up your shipping account information, manage preparation, dispatch and tracking of shipments.


  • Carrier - Commercial shipping services that offer to collect and deliver your packages to customers. Supported shipping carriers are FedEx, UPS, and USPS.
  • Shipping Merchant Account - Account registered to any one of the supported carriers. The shipping merchant account enables you to print labels and make use of the shipping services that the carrier offers.
  • Certification - Additional step in the setup process that allows you to choose the labels you will print and have those labels certified by the carrier.
  • Manual Shipping - Shipping option for those who will not use carrier services but instead will use other shipping services or their own means of shipping.
  • Service Type - Carrier-specific services that determine the delivery time, current shipping rate, discounts, surcharges and the amount charged to your shipping merchant account.
  • Shipping Method - Can be based on the carrier services that are available to you. For Manual Shipping, this allows you to set up rate calculations based on order amount, weight, flat rate or zero-rated (pickup).
  • Packaging - Carrier-specific packaging with details to the dimensions and capacity. Custom packaging may be created and used as packaging.
  • Pre-Packed - Items that have their own packaging and may be shipping without additional packaging. Items are tagged as pre-packed and labels for these items are printed separately. Labels for pre-packed items may also be printed in bulk.
  • Oversized -  Indicates that the item may not fit any available packaging. Items are tagged as oversized and labels for these items are printed separately.
  • Multi-Package - Indicates that multiple items need to be placed in multiple-packages. Labels will be printed for each additional package.
  • Drop Off Type - Indicates how  the package would be collected by the carrier. The options are pickup via regular pickup (or scheduled pickup) or request carrier (by request) and drop off to dropbox, business center or station.
  • Confirmation - Indicates how the delivery is confirmed. The options are: signed, signed by the recipient or c/o, signed by an adult and no signature.
  • Payment Method - Indicates how the shipment is paid for. The options are: sender, recipient, 3rd party and collect.
  • Image Type - the image format of the label. The options are GIF or ZPL (format supported by Zebra printers and other label printers).


With the Shipping tools of the Shipping Module, you can:

  • Calculate shipping rates based on order total, weight, package type or fixed amount.
  • Assign shipping options per customer shipping address.
  • Give shipping quotes to customers. View updated shipping rates from order entry.
  • Print shipping labels at the point of order or invoice.
  • Print shipping labels for multiple packages to a single customer.
  • Print shipping labels in bulk for prepacked items.
  • Send shipment notification to customers.
  • Track shipments in real-time.
  • Complete shipments when scanned at the delivery address.
  • Convert sales order to invoice upon shipment completion.
  • Void shipments.
  • View shipment status from the sales order or invoice.
  • Make shipping options available to web store orders.

With the Report tools of the Shipping Module, you can:

  • Customize the shipping label layout and shipping notification email.

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