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Set up pricing and discount schemes

Update sales prices easily in bulk to keep prices up-to-date.  Set up discount schemes for volume orders, seasonal or promotional items, or select customers. Set discount thresholds to avoid excessive discounts.

Default Pricing

The default pricing for items is retail and/or wholesale. The default price can be updated per item or updated in bulk.

Set up the item pricing
Bulk update retail pricing
Bulk update wholesale pricing

Price Lists (Quantity Price Breaks)

Set up price lists with multi-level quantity price breaks.

Set up price lists

Promotional Pricing

Set up discounted prices that would apply to customers or items for a specified period of time.

Set up special pricing for customers
Set up promotional pricing for items

Customer-specific Pricing

Set up discounted prices for customers.

Set up overall discount percent for customers
Set up category band discount
Custom markup percent

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