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Record bills for purchases and expenses

Supplier invoices for goods purchased, services acquired, and various expenses are recorded as a Bill document. You may consolidate multiple goods received and expenses into a single bill document. You may create a recurring schedule for bills you receive on a regular basis such as utility expenses.

Record Supplier Bills for Purchases or Other Expenses

Generate the bill document from the Goods Received document or consolidate suppliers GRNS into one bill document. Original information on item lines like source PO document and costs will be kept. Create bills for other expenses such as services and various operating expenses.

Create a new Supplier Bill of Purchase from Goods Received Notes
Create a new Bill for Expenses
Print or send Bill documents
Update and Post the Bill document

Recur Bills

You can repeat the same bill for expenses e.g. utility bills and sales rep by creating a recurring schedule and automating the creation of the bill document.

Set up and process recurring bills

Other Processes

You may set a default expense account to use for new expense bills. You can enable a preference that automatically puts the bill on hold when the total reaches a certain amount or choose when to calculate for the purchase tax.

Set a default expense account for new expense bills
Put a bill on hold
Compute for the tax after potential discount is deducted

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