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Menu Builder

Menu Builder helps you create your own website menu without difficulty. You can add different menus for your page and implement it right away.

Here are some simple ways to manage your Menu Builder:

  • Click the thumbnail of the skin template that you want to edit. Next, click “Menus” tab to add, edit, duplicate or delete menu.Menu Tab
  • To build a vertical menu, just duplicate the existing vertical menu and edit it in the Menu Builder.Vertical Menu
  • Drag and drop items from “Categories” side on to “Menu Item” side (and vice versa) to create or modify your menu.Drag & Drop
  • Menu details can be changed by clicking the “gear icon” on the right side of menu item name.Menu Details
  • Menu Items’ orders can be rearranged by dragging them up and down. You can either show or hide your sub-menu items by clicking “Collapse All” to hide and “Expand All” to show.Menu Arrangement
  • After building your own menu, click “Save” button to save all your changes.Save Menu


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