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Manage stock levels

Adjustments to the stock quantity can be made on instance where items are found damaged, returned or transferred from another location. Stock adjustments can be done from the Connected Business Core app or recorded with the Connected Warehouse app.

Record received items from suppliers

As items are received from the supplier, you can scan these items and record a Goods Received document. Purchase orders can be received in parts or in full.

Receive items from suppliers

Record inventory stock adjustments

You can create adjustments that would add to or deduct from the stock quantity. List the reasons for adjusting stock to know why adjustments are made. Inventory adjustments are created automatically when items are transferred or  a stock-take is recorded.

Record adjustment of the stock quantity
Transfer stock from another location

Perform stock take routine

Do a stock take or a physical count of inventories. Any differences in the stock quantity after entering the physical count will create a stock adjustment record.

Count overdue items
Record a stock take
Resume stock take


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