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Make purchases

Purchasing goods and services from suppliers can be done in many ways. Some may start with getting an authorization to purchase items, some go straight to making a purchase order. Purchase orders may be generated from a special order for a customer, priority orders or a dropship order. You can automate the requisition or purchasing based on sales trends or stock levels. You can also duplicate previous purchase order or create a recurring schedule of the same purchase order.

Process PO Requisitions

If purchasing items requires authorization from the management, you can create a PO Requisition as a written document of your request to purchase inventory or services.

Create a new PO requisition
Print or send PO requisitions
Update the PO Requisition
Void or Convert to Purchase Order

Process Purchase Orders

Besides replenishing stock, purchase orders may be created for a number of reasons. Purchase orders may be generated from a special order for a customer, priority orders or a dropship order. Purchase order documents may be created from scratch or from authorized PO requisitions.

Create a new Purchase Order
Create a new special order PO
Create a new Dropship PO
Print or send Purchase Orders
Update the Purchase Order
Void or Convert to Goods Received

Duplicate or Recur Purchase Orders

You can repeat the same purchase order by duplicating a previous PO, creating a recurring schedule and automating the creation of the purchase order.

Duplicate a Purchase Order
Set up and process recurring Purchase Orders

Autogenerate Purchase Orders

The Auto-Generate option would list the items and calculate for the quantity you need to purchase based on the current demand or stock levels. Plan requirements properly by adding reorder point and minimum order quantity information.

Plan purchase order requirements
Generate Purchase Requisitions
Generate Purchase Orders

Other Processes

You can add delivery status information or manufacturer and import information for overseas orders.

Add delivery information
Add manufacturer and import information

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