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CRM Essentials

The CRM (Contact Relationship Management) Module is the central point of all contact-related activities. CRM tools are available across other modules to let you pull an entity's contact information when needed without having to leave the current module you are working on.


  • Contacts - In a business sense, contacts are mostly customers, leads and prospects. Contacts are not necessarily a customer, lead or prospect but any customer, lead or prospect is always a contact.
  • Leads - Contacts that you have obtained information of but may or may not have knowledge of the products and services you offer. Leads can be qualified or disqualified according to the stage in the sales process.
  • Prospects - Contacts that have expressed interest in your products or services. They may have asked for a sales quote or your contact information. Prospects are automatically converted into a customer file once the prospect has made an order.
  • Customers - Contacts that have acquired your products and services or have opt in to your web store (Connected Business eCommerce).
  • Activities - tasks or to-dos such as meetings and calls.
  • Cases - Issues and concerns that a customer may have reported for a product or services rendered to them. Cases are resolved in accordance with the SLA or Service Level Agreement.
  • SLA - Service Level Agreements are terms in the customer service contract that determines the level of service to provide based on the service plan acquired by the customer.
  • Opportunity - refers to the probability of an action such as a sales quote or a sales meeting to become an actual sale.
  • Campaigns - Marketing campaigns designed to drive more sales or profit.
  • Campaign Waves - Marketing strategies and actions taken to drive more sales or profit.
  • Mail merge - refer to mass letters for email or direct mail.


With the Contact Management tools of the CRM module, you can:

  • Create and manage contact records for various entities in Connected Business. Contacts can be managed from the entity-level down to the contact-level.
  • Create and manage leads and prospects. Those who use the contact form from your Connected Business web store will have their information stored as a lead in the CRM Module.
  • Leads are then converted into prospects or customers. Any prospect that places an order will have their prospect record converted into a customer record automatically.
  • Scan business cards as leads using CSSN Card Scanning.
  • Identify customer relationships with other contacts in the system.

With the Activity Management tools of the CRM module, you can:

  • Schedule meetings, view attendee and resource availability.
  • Create to-dos and set reminders.
  • Schedule a call and follow up with a call-back.
  • Set timer to log call or activity duration.
  • Assign priority and color indicators.
  • Attach notes and documents.
  • View activities in a calendar, timeline or list view.
  • Follow up activities by changing the status, sending an email or re-scheduling.
  • Filter activities by user or team assigned, priority, start dates and others.

With the Case Management tools of the CRM module, you can:

  • Set up customer service contracts.
  • Create a new case while answering inbound calls. Those who created a case ticket on your Connected Business web store will have their case filed in the CRM case records.
  • Link product(s) in question.
  • Prioritize cases based on service level agreements.
  • Escalate case to upper-management.
  • Record and log time for calls made.
  • View and manage cases from a dashboard. See cases that are within SLA, due, overdue and resolved.

With the Opportunity Management tools of the CRM module, you can:

  • Identify competing companies and products.
  • Record and estimate sales opportunities.
  • Link new or existing sales quotes. Sales quotes that are  converted into sales orders will automatically close the linked opportunity.
  • View opportunities in a dashboard. View opportunities from all stages. Compare estimated revenues with actual revenues. Compare sales rep performance.

With the Campaign Management tools of the CRM module, you can:

  • Plan and execute campaigns.
  • Record campaign efforts as waves.
  • Create a target list of contacts based on purchase history and any field including custom fields.
  • Export target list for import into any email solution.
  • Send mass email to a target list of contacts and automatically exclude those who opted out of emails.
  • Create a mass letters or invitations with mail merge.
  • Schedule and log outbound calls and automatically exclude those who opted out of receiving calls.
  • Send mass fax messages and automatically exclude those who opted out of receiving fax messages.
  • View and manage campaign efforts within the campaign record.

With the Email tools of the CRM module, you can:

  • View personal and team emails.
  • Switch between plain text and HTML email editors.
  • Use letter templates.
  • Add mail merge field anywhere on the email.
  • Flag emails as private.

Other useful features:

  • Document Manager
  • Word processor and Letter writer.

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