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Create the topics (web pages)

  • Web pages are also referred to as "topics". The Topic Builder will help you build your website pages.
  • Dozens of pre-defined topics or pages such as home, about, contact, and etc are available. Topics can be multilingual, meaning you can create a topic for a specific language and when users choose a language, they would see the page in their language.
  • Typically, you would need a default skin created and published as a default for your web pages. The skin will add the common elements to the web page e.g.  navigation, footer etc and the main content element will insert the content from the topics and other sources. Skins are created using the Skin Builder.

  • Hundreds of snippets are available. Snippets are pre-designed sections (navigation, main content, footer etc.), blocks (products, customer testimonials etc.) and elements (buttons, divider etc.) that you can drag and drop and customize as needed. Customization is easy with point and click ease. Indicators are present to help you customize an element e.g. change the image or link. If you have knowledge of HTML or CSS programming, you can easily edit the code from the code editor or in any code editor of your choice.

Customize or create a new topic

Dozens of predefined topics or pages are available.

a. Modify existing or duplicate a topic
b. Create a new topic

Add and customize sections

Pre-defined sections are available for use. All  sections contain block contents that can be re-arranged, deleted or added to. You can have just one section or multiple sections stacked together.

a. Add a new section
b. Customize the section appearance

Add and customize blocks

Hundreds of pre-created blocks are available. Blocks are grouped by category to easily look up the content you need.

a. Insert blocks
b. Customize the block appearance

Add and customize elements

Elements within sections and blocks are easily customized and re-arranged.

a. Change or add text
b. Add or change images
c. Add links to a page, product or external pages
d. Add buttons
e. Add divider
f. Change icons

Create a multilingual topic or page

You can create multilingual topics for all your selling languages. You can create a topic with the same design and format as the default language or you can create an entirely different design for other languages.

a. Add selling languages
b. Create multilingual topic or page

Save the topic or web page

You can apply a topic content to the selected language or apply to all languages.

a. Save topic to selected web page
b. Save topic to all languages

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