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Create and manage locations

What are Locations?

Locations refer to the warehouse, retail store or any location where inventory is received, stored or sold. Connected Business includes a default Main Warehouse that you can modify or add to.

Create new locations

Set up your warehouse or retail store as a location and set up location-specific information for items stored in the warehouse. Add store opening and closing times and holidays.

Create a new location
Set up store hours and holidays
Manage zones within the location
Set up reorder points and stock take days for items
Set a default location

Set up and assign bin locations

Assigning bin locations makes it easier to locate items within the warehouse or store. Bin locations are assigned as bin location codes that can include the area, shelf, rack, or bin number where the item is stored.

Assign bin location to multiple items with the Bin Location Wizard

Set up multi-location accounting

You can set up ledger accounts per location and get a complete and separate financial reporting for each location. Contact Connected Business Sales to enable multi-store accounting.

Enable multi-location accounting
Set up segmented account codes
Set up financial report layout for each location

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