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Create and manage items

There are several ways to set up your  inventory in Connected Business. New items can be set up with a wizard, it can be imported in bulk if you have you item list or it can be imported directly from your store (if you are using eShopCONNECTED).


  • Stock -  is any item that is being stored physically and the quantity is being tracked.
  • Non-Stock - is any item that the quantity doesn't need to be tracked.
  • Item Matrix - or Matrix Item is any item with varying attributes.
  • Service - is any service provided to the customer.
  • Kit - is any item that has more than one component and is sold as a collection or package.
  • Bundle - is any item with  fixed group of components with the quantity held together.
  • Assembly  - is any item that is assembled from components and sold as a complete unit.
  • Electronic Download - An item that you can download from the internet.
  • Gift Certificate - is any item that is exchangeable for a specified cash value.
  • Gift Card - is any item that is rechargeable and is exchangeable for a specified cash value.

Set up default details for items

Before setting up your inventory, whether using the Item Wizard or importing items, consider setting up default details like categories, unit measures, selling currencies and other details that you need. You can also group these details into Item Class Templates that you can use to fill in new items with default details instead of having to select each detail every time.

Set up item classification
Set up selling units
Selling currency and languages
Group details into Class Templates

Create new items with the New Item Wizard

Connected Business supports various item types and for this, the New Item Wizard adapts to the creation process for each item type.

Create new Stock items
Create new Non-Stock items
Create new Matrix items
Create new Service items
Create new Kit items
Create new Bundle items
Create new Assembly items
Create new Electronic Download items
Create new Gift Certificate items
Create new Gift Card items
Copy item or create create duplicates

Bulk item creation and update

Inventory Items can be imported in bulk to speed up the item creation process. Import templates are available to help you clean up your inventory data before importing into Connected Business. Mass updates to details such as sales prices and stock levels can be done to multiple items at once with the Item Update Wizard.

Import inventory items with the Import Wizard
Update inventory items with the Item Update Wizard

Additional setup information

The Item Detail screen includes many options to make it easier to purchase items from suppliers, options to track and manage stock levels from all locations and options to sell more by adding accessories or creating bulk item pricing.

Add accessory and substitute items
Implement tax schemes and tax overrides
Add suppliers and choose preferred supplier location
Set up pricing and discount schemes

Delete or archive items

You can delete duplicate items to tidy up your item list. Items that are no longer in circulation can be tagged as "discontinued" or "phased out". These items will no longer show on your sell-able items list.

Delete an item
Tag an item as discontinued or phased out

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