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System Management Essentials

The System Manager Module is where advanced user functions for data, security and system settings are performed by the system administrator.

With the Company Data management tools of the System Manager, you can:

  • Complete your company data by completing the Company Checklist.
  • Import bulk data with the Import Manager.
  • View system activities with¬†the Audit Trail. View transaction errors with the Error Log.
  • Create and manage users and user groups.
  • Set up class templates on a country-level or postal code-level.
  • Set up tax rates for postal codes.
  • Manage record numbering.

With the Customization tools of the System Manager, you can:

  • Customize the menu and screen based on user role.
  • Install / Uninstall custom plugins with the Plugin Manager.
  • Customize form fields or create custom fields with the Data Dictionary.
  • Build and implement Business Intelligence Dashboards.
  • Add new Search screens with the Search Manager.

With the System Performance tools of the System Manager, you can:

  • Set tasks to run at scheduled times with the Job Service Manager.

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